LemonBytes Legacy Products

We're no longer providing support for our oldest legacy products. They're all now freeware. This page is a free resource for all the users of BLIde and Jungle IDE, so they have a place to download latest stable versions of the products, just in case they need to install them again.

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Jungle Ide

Jungle Ide is the most advanced and powerful development environment for the Monkey programming language. An advanced tool that gives you power and control over your games and applications.

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BLIde is an integrated development environment for Blitz Max, designed to work very close to the project file management performed by BlitzMax engine. It’s inspired by the .NET IDE and some other great tools, It’s been designed for hobbyist and professional coders.

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Font Machine

Font machine is a bitmap font tool for Monkey (it’s also available for BlitzMax). This tool allows the creation and usage of great bitmap fonts in your multi-platform Monkey games.

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